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Our Beginning


On September 30, 1953, a group of fifteen people met for the first time at Memorial Center, Millbrook, to discuss the formation of an Episcopal Church in the Tri-community areas of Millbrook, Coosada and Robinson Springs.

Within a few weeks the first church service, conducted by Dr. Vernon McMaster, Rector of the Church of the Holy Comforter, was held on October 11th. The service was held in the Millbrook Presbyterian Church which graciously allowed the group of Episcopalians to use their facilities whilst they searched for a permanent building of their own. Dr. McMaster would become the first Vicar of the church, and remained in that position from 1953 until 1956.

The 1954 annual budget for the church was around $400, about half of which went towards the Vicar’s salary. The first service in the current church building was held on June 6, 1957. The name “St. Michael and All Angels” was chosen in honor of the Feast Day of the same name. This was appropriate since the first organizational meeting had been held the day after St. Michael’s Day.

Into the 21st Century

As we've moved forward into the 21st century, our church has become a small but thriving community of approximately 100 families.  Ours is an open, welcoming church, respecting individual needs and cultures.  We hope to see you as part of our next chapter!

Come be a part of the little church with the big heart. 

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