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Cursillo:  Deepening  Our Knowledge and Love of Christ

What is Cursillo?

Cursillo (Cur–SEE’–yo) is a community of faith that is dedicated to exploring the love of God and sharing God's love with each other.  Cursillo started as an apostolic "movement" in 1944 in the Roman Catholic Church, but has since expanded into the Episcopal Church, the Methodist Church (Walk to Emmaus), and non-denominational faith communities (Tres Dias International). 

In the Diocese of Alabama, Cursillo begins with a 3-day weekend during which talks are given by lay persons and clergy who have spent time carefully, and prayerfully, planning together for the Cursillo weekend.  During the weekend, the teachings of Christ are discussed in a climate of joy and community.

Who can take part?

Cursillo is open to all adult Episcopalians, men and women, married or single.  Laity and clergy are invited to join the fellowship.  Husbands and wives are strongly encouraged to attend the same Cursillo Weekend.  If you are interested in related programs for youth, ask about Awakenings (grades 7 - 8) and Happening (grades 10 - 12;

How do I find out more about it?

St. Michael's has a vibrant, active Ultreya (ul-TRAY'-ah), a group of people who have participated in Cursillo who share and witness to others to continue building their faith and strengthening the Church.  About half of St. Michael's adults have been to Cursillo.  Any of these folks can tell you more about Cursillo, and how to get started if you're interested in attending.  You can also let the rector know you would like more information, or you can talk to the current Parish Lay Rector, Kim Bell.  They can point you in the right direction and help you start the process.  Pray about it, and if you conclude that you should go, you'll be assigned a sponsor who will provide a basic application for you to complete.

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